ouR MISSION, our passion

Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health threat, accounting for 7 million deaths around the world every year. Adverse effects of air pollution have disabled many people around the world and kept them from breathing fresh air, their birthright. At age 26, Aditya’s mother was diagnosed with non-hereditary asthma. Watching his asthmatic mother being limited by this air pollution born disease, despite taking medications and doing everything possible from wearing masks to buying air filters, inspired him to join forces with his classmates to create AER.

Our mission is to ensure every human being has access to fresh air despite their surrounding conditions. We have created technology that allows the users to both mitigate and prevent the harmful effects caused by breathing in polluted air.

With AER, you breathe with confidence.


AN UNMET NEED is an opportunity

As seen in the figure on the left, 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe in polluted air. Breathing in pollutants increases the chances of several health issues. The existing, two most used point of care pollution control technologies are face masks and air filters.    

From being expensive to being marginally effective both these technologies have a range of drawbacks. One of the main issues that patients like Aditya’s mom face are that there exists no current technology which not only provides patient’s fresher air but also helps regulate their breathing patterns. In order to judge the problem better, we conducted a survey. The results of the survey are indicated below. The number of participants was 96. The results clearly show a need for a device that not only filters the inhaled air but also helps regulate breathing patterns.

People who had been exposed to air pollution over the past five years.

People who had breathing problems due to the exposed air pollution.

People who believed that access to a portable device that helps them intake fresh air is a necessity.

People indicated that they couldn’t regulate their breathing patterns due to pollutants.


our pitch

In order to explain our mission and project goals, we developed an elevator pitch. This pitch was specifically designed to make the listener both aware of and interested in our device.


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